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Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

The Workplace Innovator Podcast is where Mike Petrusky talks with corporate real estate and facility management leaders about industry trends and technologies impacting your organization.

Oct 29, 2019

Megan Thompson is owner of Spark Interiors, Darin Rose CFM, SFP, GGP is Facility Manager at the City of Lone Tree, and Darren Kanthal is an HR consultant and Principal of The Kanthal Group. In September 2019, Mike Petrusky met in Denver, CO with Megan, “FM” Darin, and “HR” Darren to broadcast a live webinar called “Essential Workplace Collaborations: Designing the Workplace for the Workforce of Tomorrow”. This webinar was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2019 RockCon Built Environment Expo & Conference where the panel explored practical ways to encourage collaboration across departments, design space to meet the needs of your workforce, and inspire you be a workplace innovator in your organization!

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