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Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

The Workplace Innovator Podcast is where Mike Petrusky talks with corporate real estate and facility management leaders about industry trends and technologies impacting your organization.

Mar 12, 2019

David Reynolds, CFM, FMP is a consultant for both FM-CONSULT-CREATE and the Global Facility Management Alliance while also serving as President of the IFMA Facility Management Consulting Council (FMCC) where he believes that facility managers play a part in every organizational strategy and objective that involves the built environment. Mike Petrusky asks David to describe the ways that FM continuously applies people, places, technologies and processes to the workplace and how the profession constantly develops knowledge, competencies, and methods. David says that FM has a key role in achieving enterprise business goals and outcomes and that success is measured by how well we work together, directing a variety of people and their responsibilities to follow a strategy where the business plan takes us. Mike and David discuss how FM consultants can help to identify and bring out the resources that improve the performance of an organization and develop teams so they work well together. They talk about plans for IFMA’s Facility Fusion and World Workplace and how the FMCC is working with IFMA’s IT Community in providing a framework around the practical side of selection and implementation of FM technologies. David enjoys music featuring a chorus with an orchestra and that leads Mike to explore movie soundtracks and the first ever podcast edition of “Choral Karaoke”!

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