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Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

The Workplace Innovator Podcast is where Mike Petrusky talks with corporate real estate and facility management leaders about industry trends and technologies impacting your organization.

Aug 8, 2023

Sandra Panara is Director of Analytics, Insights & Innovation at Relogix where she is a seasoned Corporate Real Estate thought-leader passionate about the flexible workplace. Mike Petrusky asks Sandra about her career journey as both a practitioner and consultant as they discuss the value of workplace metrics, which extends beyond simple cost savings to aligning office real estate strategies with business objectives and goals. They explore the new realities facing leaders today as post-pandemic attitudes and behaviors drive challenges around space planning, utilization, and optimization. Mike and Sandra agree that flexibility and choice are essential for the workforce, but they offer differing perspectives on how facility management and CRE practitioners might deliver on the expectations of both their employees and organizational leadership. Listen as they offer practical ideas and inspiration to enable you to be a Workplace Innovator!

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