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Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

The Workplace Innovator Podcast is where Mike Petrusky talks with corporate real estate and facility management leaders about industry trends and technologies impacting your organization.

Jun 27, 2023

Jennifer Bryan is a TEDx Speaker, Author and Managing Director in Change & Leadership at ABChange Consultancy Ltd. where she is passionate about people being at the heart of decision-making in change by making sure people are thought of first, last and throughout change projects. Mike Petrusky asks Jennifer about her pragmatic approach to the behavioral elements of change and her belief that there can only be change with learning and learning with change. They explore the importance of effective communication, leadership and casting a long-term vision in the world of corporate real estate and facility management. Mike and Jennifer agree that human beings are complicated, so we need to share the reasons for change and model behaviors that will lead us toward our common team goals. Discover how you can create lasting change management programs in your organization and be inspired to be a Workplace Innovator!

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