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Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

The Workplace Innovator Podcast is where Mike Petrusky talks with corporate real estate and facility management leaders about industry trends and technologies impacting your organization.

Mar 31, 2020

Dawn Mueller, CFM is the Facilities Manager at World Resources Institute and a long-time leader in the IFMA community where she has a passion for the professional development of its members. Mike Petrusky asks Dawn to share her FM story and they reminisce about connecting at World Workplace and how they have found value in networking at local IFMA chapters and events. They also share an understanding of the unique opportunities that facility management leaders have to help their organizations elevate the employee experience with technology tools while emphasizing the needs of human beings in the workplace. Dawn and Mike explore their common interest in 80’s music and offer inspirational quotes and experiences that will bring a smile to your face.

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